How to maintain a long-distance friendship in English

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How to maintain a long-distance friendship in English

How to maintain a long-distance friendship in English

They say the best stories begin with unexpected encounters. And this is especially true when we talk about the friendships that emerged during a summer course abroad. Everyone knows that the summer season is conducive to starting new adventures, making memories and establishing lasting relationships. And, without a doubt, one of the most favorable environments for this are intensive language courses, where not only new linguistic knowledge is acquired but also bonds with people from different cultures are strengthened.

Summer is the perfect time to live unforgettable experiences and, as many of you will have seen, there is something special about the friends you make during a summer in English. The friendships we forge during those sunny months can last a lifetime. And it is that intensive language courses abroad are a great opportunity to meet people with the same interests and objectives: improve your level of English by sharing hobbies and having fun together.

Precisely those friends that we have made this summer in English are an indisputable part of the charm: charming and interesting people from different parts of the world who once decided to spend their summer vacations together while immersing themselves in new learning and acquiring important communication skills.

These intense personal relationships are born in a learning environment but at the same time relaxed as they take place in the summer season and do countless outdoor activities, but how can we keep them at a distance once the course is over when we return to our respective cities or countries? ? The answer lies in not losing contact and taking advantage of all the technological tools available today to communicate no matter how many kilometers separate us. Because if you've invested so much time and effort into learning English and making new friends, what better way to maintain your level than by practicing it with those very special English-speaking friends.

Tips to keep our friendships at a distance:

First, we must always remember why these international friendships are worth keeping. We will not only enjoy a unique cultural exchange by sharing our experiences and customs, but we will also be showing our genuine interest in our fellow summer students. Additionally, this lasting relationship will also allow us to expand our global social network and even access future job or academic opportunities abroad, thanks to the support of those friends who open doors for us wherever they live.

So, what can we do to keep alive those bonds created during the summer in English? Here we present five ideas for not losing that precious long-distance friendship that if you put into practice will help you maintain those relationships forged in the summer but that can last a lifetime:

  1. Sending emails in English: Practicing our communication skills in writing is essential and what better way to do it by writing regular emails to our friends on the course. Either using a more informal tone or writing a formal English email closing with "Kind regards" if you need to address a specific situation.

  1. Group video calls: Organizing virtual meetings periodically to see each other's faces and share how our day to day has been will allow us to maintain that close bond with our international friends, as if we had them by our side.

  1. Social networks: Let's not forget to follow each other on our favorite platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...), where we can share moments and details of our daily lives, keeping alive that emotional connection that began in the summer.

  1. Exchanging Handwritten Letters or Postcards: Although it may seem old-fashioned and less streamlined than the other electronic media mentioned above, receiving a personally written letter in an envelope (even a formal English letter) makes the recipient feel very special and appreciated. A small gesture that will make a difference.

  1. Plan regular visits between cities or countries where our dear friends or dear friends reside: Traveling together during vacations or reserving a weekend to visit us will be the perfect occasion to meet again in person, testing our English skills and reinforcing that friendship forged in summer . You have to take into account the distances between cities to plan these trips well, sometimes a weekend can be short, so taking advantage of vacation periods would also be an ideal option to visit our friends in their respective cities or who are they and they who visit us.

Therefore, let us always remember to carry as our flag that passion for learning and communicating regardless of geographical distance. We know very well that we are global citizens living extraordinary experiences thanks to the command of English as the vehicular language. Let's demonstrate our commitment to these international friendships by sharing our experiences and exchanging reflections on how learning together that summer marked our lives.

In the end, I remind you all of that old saying: "He who has a friend has a treasure". By following these practical tips and opening your hearts (and keyboards) towards your relationships forged in summer, you will not only be enriching your personal life, but you will also see how your level of English will improve day by day thanks to the naturalness with which you communicate with that valuable part of your lives: the friends you met during the summer in English.

In short, the secret to maintaining a long-distance friendship thanks to English lies in perseverance, dedication and the desire to continue strengthening those ties created during the summer. If we strive to be present in the lives of our international friends, we will find countless opportunities for learning and personal growth through the language that unites us.

So don't let any more time go by: grab your keyboard or pen to write that email or formal English letter that you've been putting off for so long! Whether starting a conversation with a humorous statement like "It's raining cats and dogs!" (It's pouring with rain) or sharing your daily adventures from a unique perspective with your own style. And always remember that our experiences last summer could only be the beginning of something much bigger and more intense: a lasting friendship that transcends borders and unites hearts thanks to the wonderful world of learning English.

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