How to learn English this Christmas

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How to learn English this Christmas

In the United States, the tradition of Santa Claus is one of the favorites among children, who eagerly await the arrival of this character to receive gifts. Adults also enjoy this tradition by decorating their homes with Christmas lights and decorations. In addition, delicious dishes are prepared to share with family and friends.

In Germany, Santa Claus is a much-loved figure for children, who receive their gifts on Christmas Eve. The tradition also includes the custom of decorating Christmas trees with lights and decorations, as well as the preparation of typical dishes such as apple jam and gingerbread.

In Spain, the tradition of the Three Kings is one of the most popular. Children wake up on January 6 to receive the gifts that the Three Wise Men have left them. This celebration also includes the custom of preparing a special dinner with the most typical dishes of the region such as roast suckling pig, gazpacho or nougat.

Although the celebration of Christmas is different in each country, all share the tradition of gathering with family and friends to share food and gifts. And although this time of year can be a bit stressful for many people, there are many ways to learn English with fun and educational activities that can be done as a family inside or outside the home.

For example, children can create a mountain of gifts and have a competition. The activity consists of stacking the gifts and building a tower as tall and stable as possible. Competition after competition, players must say the words of the tower in English to continue participating. What will be the gift that goes all the way?

Adults can also join in the fun with games in English. For example, doing a Christmas karaoke can be a good way to learn English as a family, or as they would say in France: “apprendre l'anglais en famille”. Each participant must name the name of a Christmas song, movie or event in English for the others to guess.

If you prefer to go outside, you can take excursions and tours in English. In these outings you can visit museums, parks and other tourist places in the country, observing and learning the names of places or historical curiosities. This activity is quite fun and entertaining for both children and adults.

Christmas is a magical time to spend time with family and friends, learning something new while enjoying a few days off. These fun and educational activities can help both adults and children put what they have learned into practice. And the best thing is that they can be celebrated both at home and outside of it.

Just as at Christmas the spirit of union makes us see more clearly that the sides of the globe we are in do not matter but the love we have for each other, it is now the moment to direct our future towards a better future, with happiness , hope and joy. May Christmas cultivate love in us and make us better people.

Christmas celebration by countries:

On these Christmas dates, all the people of the world celebrate one or another tradition, from the most important to the smallest rituals. For many, Christmas means the illusion of an eternal magic that lives in everyone's heart. This ancient holiday has left an indelible mark on our cultures, and countries around the globe decided to adopt and adapt their own traditions to commemorate this special time of the year.

For example, in the United States, Canada and the Nordic countries, the installed tradition is that of Santa Claus, a Christmas figure whose main objective is to distribute gifts on the night of December 25, Christmas Eve. The figure has also become popular in most European countries, where the character was transferred to the place of the Three Kings, known as the "Route of the Three Kings".

Tips for learning English this Christmas:

This year, unable to party, many families decided to stay home and enjoy a fun, useful and educational family vacation. These are some fun and educational activities to practice English at Christmas:

  1. Playing chess with bilingual rules: Playing the traditional chess board while someone explains the rules in two languages can strengthen language skills while improving players' concentration and planning skills.

  1. Enrollment in a summer camp english: summer camps are an excellent way to learn English in an effective and fun way, the camps are completely focused on learning and using the English language. It is a good time to start preparing next year's trip in advance.

  1. Learning through activities for children: through fun games, songs, poetry and artistic activities such as painting, children can learn in a fun and focused way about the language acquisition process.

  1. Play movies and series in their original version: a fun and proven way to learn English is to watch movies and television series in their original version. If you want to help the process more, it is recommended to stop the playback in order to speak in English commenting and interpreting the movie.

  1. Educational virtual tour: in the same way as a physical trip, you can explore regions and cities around the world without leaving your home, a great way to learn English.

  1. Go on language exchanges: For those who have native friends or other English speakers in their midst, this is a great language learning opportunity. The same thing that is done in the summer camp with your homestay Ireland.

  1. Board games and cards in English: this is another fun way to promote knowledge of the language, unite the family and be in the moment at the same time.

  1. Listening to music in English with lyrics: It can be difficult at first, but singing along with the lyrics of songs in English will help you quickly internalize words and phrases.

  1. Play console games with English audio – Modern console games usually come with the option to have dialogue and the entire narrative heard by interacting with the characters in English

  1. Create from language words: children can learn English words by creating game cards, self-designed notebooks, creative makers, comics, etc.

  1. Rubbing shoulders with other students: Taking part in a language exchange with other students can help children meet new people, expand their vocabulary and learn the language better.

  1. Play Guess the Word: This simple activity is a good way to learn words and improve vocabulary, children can suggest English words, describe and use adjectives to make the word easier to guess.

We hope these activities will be useful for children who want to take advantage of the time to learn English this Christmas. Take advantage of the magic of this season to combine fun with learning, enjoy the joy of Christmas.

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