How to introduce your child to the English language

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How to introduce your child to the English language

How to teach English to children?

Do you often ask yourself the question? And as a parent, you want to put the odds on his side to make it happen. It is for this reason that it is necessary to choose the ideal linguistic tool for your child from an early age.

Globalization has made English an essential language to know to evolve in the professional world.

Indeed, despite the discovery of the English language from CP, the French education system in terms of foreign languages remains relatively weak. You are therefore aware that his command of English when he becomes an adult depends partly on you.

Know that your child is a real sponge. From 3 or 4 years old, you can start teaching him the basics of English.

In fact, learning a language is an investment that lasts a lifetime! There are many methods to teach English to children. Their ease and speed in assimilating new words could greatly surprise you.

Scientific and neurological studies have shown that up to the age of 13, children can memorize a second language as if it were their mother tongue. It is therefore recommended to immerse your child in an English-speaking environment as soon as possible.

That said, one of the most important things when deciding to improve your child's knowledge of the English language is choosing the language tool that best suits their needs. You should try to find a stimulating language tool that allows your child to quickly acquire good knowledge, so that they can apply new language skills in everyday life. The best way for your child to obtain such results and become bilingual in English is to go on a language exchange in an English-speaking country.

The interest of language exchange for young people:

Linguistic exchange is of great importance in the training of your child, whether for the personal or professional aspect.

Indeed, it is not only a question of learning a language or of deepening one's linguistic skills. It is also a very enriching experience from which your child benefits.  

A linguistic exchange in immersion in a foreign country is undoubtedly a key factor in deepening one's knowledge of a second language. Moreover, we are not only talking about language learning but also about personality development and open-mindedness.

It is also an opportunity to practice listening in the local language. Listening comprehension being one of the key steps to be taken in the context of learning a language, children and young people are often much more comfortable and confident after having carried out a language exchange during which they learn, little by little, to improve their ability to understand a foreign language.

Living with an English-speaking host family implies the acceptance of cultural differences and customs of the host family, which requires, at the beginning, a period of adaptation.

Your child through this experience will change his perception of things. It will thus improve and will also gain in maturity. This is when a language exchange takes on its full meaning. Not only does the child constantly improve his level of language but grows throughout the stay. At the end of a language exchange, the young person emerges confident and more independent. The discovery of a new culture will allow him to open up to the world.

Hebe Adventures is the solution to find you a perfect language exchange for your child:

With our language exchange programme, your child will spend a lot of time with a host family in Ireland who have children of the same age. Your child will speak English continuously throughout their trip and they can even choose to attend one of the many summer camps in Ireland. From golf, horse riding, rugby camps and more, we offer a range of exciting activities for your child's stay in Ireland.

These, combined with daily interactions with the host family, will allow your child to practice, improve and build confidence in their conversational English while having fun in a safe and secure environment. Every homestay in Ireland is police vetted as well as verified and certified by Hebe Adventures to ensure they meet Hebe standards. Our team will remain an active point of contact throughout the process to support you and your child and ensure that all parties involved have a great experience.

HEBE Adventures has proven through its experience that it is the best pen pal site to find you the perfect English pen pal, whether for children or teenagers. Browse the advertisements of our various English-speaking host families and find the ideal English correspondent who shares your passions and those of your children or teenagers.

Thus, you can let your child go in peace since our English-speaking correspondents have all been approved and validated during their registration. Indeed, all our host families go through a very strict identification and security procedure when they register. You can therefore choose an English correspondent for your children with complete peace of mind, focusing only on areas of common interest.

In conclusion, language exchange is an experience that all children can benefit from and provides great advantages and benefits for a future full of opportunities.

Then quickly choose the type of stay you want to offer your child, the stays range from the city to the countryside. Join us now!

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