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Nobody can that English is the most dominant language in the world . People with good English have many advantages over those with poor English, and these advantages will only increase as time goes on. These are the benefits of studying English :

  1. earn more money

If your English is good, you can have more job opportunities and higher salaries. If you visit any job search website, you will find that most jobs require a good command of English.

Other things being equal, people with good English earn more than those with poor English or no English at all. For example, a hospital employee receives a monthly bonus on top of her base salary simply because she scored high on the English test.

Even if you are not looking for a job, having a good command of English benefits you financially. Another example: if you are a freelancer who can write well in English, you can sell your services through freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork instead of local ones. This way you will reach a larger audience, get more work and earn more!

Another source where you can earn more money is with YouTube. You will be able to earn more money if you record videos on this social network in English, as you will reach a larger audience than if you make the videos in your native language. In addition, videos in English are paid better than in any other language.

  1. More career options

A good level of English opens new doors in the world of work .

With very good English skills, you may be able to become an English teacher, private English tutor, tour guide, or translator. You can take one of these jobs on the side, or you can make it your primary source of income.

Your English doesn't even have to be perfect to qualify you for these jobs. Sometimes having a slightly above average level of English is enough.

Even if your English is not that good, you can teach English to children, be a tour guide, or you can translate it into your native language. You just have to make sure that your English is above average.

  1. Access to more knowledge and information

Today you can find information on almost anything. There are books, articles, videos, audio shows, online courses, and podcasts on every topic imaginable.

But here's the thing: most of that information is in English .

Therefore, if you cannot read or listen well in English, you only have access to a limited amount of information.

For example, if you are a website owner, you will sometimes have to search online for ways to troubleshoot your website, which is built using WordPress software. However, it can be difficult to find useful information about WordPress in your native language.

But if you search for it in English, the task becomes much easier because there is much more information in English.

If you have good reading and listening skills in English, you have a great advantage as you will have access to a huge source of information .

  1. communicate globally

If your English is good, you can communicate with people from all over the world . This is useful in all kinds of situations.

Yet another example: a PayPal account that has been suspended for some reason, so your money cannot be withdrawn. When trying to contact them by email, you can't get a response, but if you can speak English, you can call customer service and I explained the situation. In this way, the problem can be solved soon after.

You can feel comfortable using English services like PayPal, Fiverr, Google Drive, Hostgator (web hosting). If there is a problem, you can explain it in English and fix it quickly.

Unfortunately, many people are not comfortable with these services because they cannot communicate as well in English .

  1. Travel more and better

Do you like to visit new countries? OR Does your job involve traveling abroad?

If so, learning English will make your life as a traveler easier .

English is the most widely spoken language around the world. It is the most popular “second language”. Most people choose to learn English after their native language. In many countries, it is a compulsory subject in school.

This means that when you are abroad, you are more likely to find someone who knows English than someone who knows Mandarin Chinese or Spanish.

And as you can see on a map, English-speaking populations are more "scattered" around the world, while populations speaking other languages are generally confined to a single country or continent.

This makes English the most useful language to learn .

If your spoken English is good, you can travel abroad without worrying too much about the language barrier. You can confidently communicate with foreigners without resorting to sign language or translation apps.

  1. Enjoy books, movies and TV shows in English

English-speaking cultures have produced many creative works in various forms, such as books, movies, and television shows. If you have a good understanding of English, you can enjoy these creations in their original language : English.

Now you might be thinking, "Why bother with the original version when you can enjoy the translated versions?"

Unfortunately, there are some problems with the translated works. Some set phrases make sense only in the original language, but if they are translated literally, that translation is of poor quality. Therefore, it is important to have great knowledge of English.

  1. Improved mental fitness

This may be one of the best benefits of learning English, and the least overrated.

Just as your body needs physical exercise to stay fit, your brain needs mental exercise to stay alert and healthy .

And according to many research studies, learning English (or any other language) has many benefits for your mental capacity .

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