Learn English in English-speaking colonies

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Learn English in English-speaking colonies

Let's get to know what English-speaking colonies are.

Learning English is increasingly important, a basic need that must be fulfilled when traveling, interacting with people who have the ability to speak this language. Today we can learn it from other countries if we are determined to acquire this knowledge. A great option for this are the colonies in English, where you can spend an English summer, which offer creative and fun activities with a communicative approach for genuine progress in learning the language. In these colonies in English, students will have daily classes divided between theory and practice by experienced teachers, where they will acquire extensive linguistic knowledge between grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Internationalization is not only limited to the spatial sphere, but also to the cultural one. For this reason, a main task of these colonies is to teach hobbies and traditions commonly lived in English culture.

Today, English has become one of the main languages to communicate internationally. Many people are interested in learning English because of its usefulness when traveling, working, and interacting with other people who speak this language. At the same time, thanks to technological evolution and the growing interest in languages, today we can learn English from the most unexpected places. This is possible thanks to English-speaking colonies spread over different countries.

English-speaking camps offer a fun and interactive environment to practice and improve your use of English. Numerous activities appropriate to the student's level are carried out so that they can acquire language skills while having fun. Among these activities are classes in the classroom, participation in cooking workshops, theater, music and dance. Also, in this English summer camp you can enjoy a tour of the city to visit the main monuments and impressive landscapes. In the colonies in English, in addition, different sports such as swimming, soccer or basketball are carried out so that students learn English with a better relationship with each other and share good times with other English-speaking classmates from distant countries.

Unlike the traditional youth camp offered by many educational agencies where you can only participate in guided tours and limited recreational activities; An English summer camp in the English colonies offer daily activities that stand out for their variety and diversity. In addition to increasing your English language skills, you will also learn much more about the culture and tradition of the host country. Youth will have the opportunity to share their experiences with international members to make friends that will last a lifetime.

In the English-speaking colonies, the student is also encouraged to think independently, actively participating in conversations among the members of the camp as well as during classes to improve their language skills. These classes unite the interaction between others at the same time and help students to develop confidence in the oral use of English. All this makes it possible for participants to substantially improve their level in a short period of time.

If you are looking for a fun way to learn English, what better than a British summer in an English-speaking colony? Combine practice and learning with long-term relationships and having fun while improving your language skills. Without a doubt, you will enrich your cultural experience while having fun. It can be quite an adventure to delve into news, customs and distant cultures, meeting people from other countries and contributing to individual growth.

We hope that my article on learning English in English-speaking colonies is serving you as useful information to enjoy the best international language experience of all: That is what we call “a total immersion in the world of English”. Get ready, your journey to this experience is about to begin!

Colonies in English, a new way of learning English.

At present, English has become an essential tool to function in various situations. Whether it's to travel, work or simply interact with other native people from other countries, knowing how to speak English is often a necessity to communicate. Fortunately, technological advances have made the acquisition of the English language easier and simpler than before and now we can learn it without having to travel abroad, studying in thematic colonies dedicated to improving our level of English without leaving Spain. For example, we have options in Girona and Poblet, so if you dare to experience a British summer in Girona or an English summer in Poblet, we recommend that you continue reading to learn more about themed camps.

A themed colony is the ideal place to catch up on English classes thanks to comprehensive educational plans combined with a variety of activities: from beginner basics like ''Hello! My name is... '', to a whole range of recreational activities designed to stimulate learning. Among the most common activities we can mention some such as world soccer or basketball tournaments, cooking workshops and crafts in English, where the preparation and tasting of specially selected typical foreign sweets are combined while we review simple sentences in English.

In addition, there are various outdoor activities to learn by playing with the people around us, such as excursions along panoramic routes with interactive workshops on the local flora and fauna written in English or ultra-motivating talks about personal development, elementary typical of traditional camps. . Do not think twice and ask us for more information about our british summer Girona.

These activities not only help us to improve our English, there are also other activities such as theater workshops in which British classics can be interpreted. Thanks to this we can improve our articulation, pronunciation and oral language in order to communicate effectively.

It should be noted that the English-speaking colonies differ from the rest due to their careful educational program: from bilingual courses where sports and language are practiced at the same time (tennis-English; paddle-English; swimming-English) to motivational talks given by a team with native teachers and specialists in pedagogical methodologies for language learning.

We can say without a doubt that some Spanish thematic camps implemented in English are the best ally to choose when we want to polish our speaking skills in this beautiful language.

Now that we are ready to travel abroad trying to communicate in the different places and towns that we find ourselves, we cannot forget the indispensable experience of an English-speaking colony. Study, live together, have fun and… Learn English!

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