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5 Tips to learn English listening to music

By Famworld
5 Tips to learn English listening to music

music is always there

Music is one of the oldest and most universal arts known to man. It has become more than just a form of entertainment; it is an important part of the culture and daily life of many people. Music is something innate to humanity: it started with the Neanderthals, who sang their ancestral songs, and it lives on in world culture in a way that few other things have.

Ireland, in particular, is one of the nations where the love of music has reverberated for centuries. With nearly 14 million Americans of Irish ancestry currently living in the United States (and approximately 10 million in Ireland), it's no surprise that the island produces some of the world's greatest acts like U2, The Corrs, and The Cranberries.

Thinking about the various levels of education that deal with learning a new language, such as English, there are several ways that music can help improve your pronunciation and language acquisition. These include: memorizing key words with songs; following the letter to improve your understanding; directed music courses for native speakers; and use popular songs as a tool to practice what they have learned. These techniques are so effective because they have a natural sense of rhythm and oral fluency, as well as quickness to identify different syllables; all of them essential aspects to become a fluent and intelligent speaker in any language. We usually use music in all our summer camps because we understand the importance of learning with music.

In addition, and through music you can learn the language in a fun way with which it is difficult to get bored, at the same time you get relaxation and a suitable environment to achieve learning. Listening to music allows us to better connect with the sounds of the new language we are studying. It also helps a lot to listen to four or five songs in a loop for a while, as we associate the lyrics to the musical patterns making it easier for us to learn them. In our English summer courses abroad we carry out activities where music is present, so that learning English is more effective as well as fun.

In short, if we want to go from being beginners in English and begin to improve your level in the language, nothing helps better than successfully combining basic education with the wonderful entertainment of good music, which will make learning fun, satisfying and fast.

5 Tips to learn English listening to music

Music is a force that unites us all and has become a common language among people of different cultures, ages, and backgrounds. According to recent data, there are more than 2 billion unique users around the world who enjoy music daily to relax or to connect with what they love.

In particular, Ireland has stood out as a musically creative country over time. From traditional folk times to The Cranberries or U2; Irish artists have popularized the genre of music and we continue to hear their hits to this day. Similarly, contemporary artists from Dublin are also expanding their musical horizons such as Hozier or Dermot Kennedy. Thus promoting the Irish cultural heritage throughout the world!

Beyond enjoying the classics and new hits, music can also help us when we are studying a language. How can music help us study English? Studying a language like English can be challenging, but there are several methods that can help us learn it better. An excellent technique is to use music to help us. This helps us understand language and remember concepts. In our summer camps, English is a practice that we understand to be essential for learning the language.  

Studying English with music is an effective and interesting way to learn, since it stimulates memory through rhythm and allows us to associate sounds with words. Here are some techniques that can be used:

1) Auditory Strength: Listening to yourself speak and sing while admitting to making mistakes is the way to improve fluency and emphasize words correctly.

2) During moments of rest: If you find your favorite song in English, do not hesitate to use it during moments when you need to take a break or motivate yourself!

3) Association method: Associate the words with the music and repeat the vocal movement they make.

4) Test your knowledge: Listen to a song in English, try to sing some phrases and decipher the meaning.

5) Underline the verbs: When you study a language, you should pay special attention to the verbs. So you have to underline them while we are listening to the music to better learn their correct form.

Music and a relaxed atmosphere are essential for language learning. Music is an excellent tool to improve our listening comprehension and pronunciation skills. Being immersed in a musical culture also helps us to better understand the language. If you want to learn English, try one of these methods and you will see how your learning process improves.

Finally, music helps us immerse ourselves in a relaxed atmosphere during our English studies, as well as being able to verify what we understand. This gives us an advantage over other classic or traditional methods since we not only learn better but also enjoy doing it.

It is also important to remember that you have to enjoy the learning process, since music helps us to better connect with what we have heard at the same time that it motivates our musical abilities. Therefore, this is an excellent resource for practicing any language.

Music is a very useful tool for language study. Help students to stay motivated, improve their comprehension, pronunciation and grammar. Therefore, the next time you are studying English, don't forget to play some background music, we already do it in our summer camps. It will help you learn the language in a fun and relaxed way. Because the best way to learn a language is through music.

In this way, studying English with music has turned out to be an effective tool for those interested in improving their comprehension and fluency of the language whose importance cannot be underestimated. And you know, when music and languages come together... good times begin

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