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Parents are Malaysian Origin been living in Ireland for the last 24 years. Both our girls are born and bred in Dublin South! Love hanging out in the city . We speak only English at home and no pets . Occasionally on good weather days we go for hikes in the nearby Dublin mountain routes or walk around the woods . We are also a very 'foodie' family means love trying out different food from all the around the world either in a eateries Or home cooking . Both our girls enjoy bakes and almost every weekend there will be some thing scrumptious comes out from our home oven!!. on Evenings we normally wind down by watching something together as a family on the TV before bed time. Walking around Dublin City on main museums ;parks etc.. Participate in historical excursion . Baking /Cooking activity at home . on bad weather days playing indoor .. like bowling , giant trampoline , climbing walls .


Female 10 Yrs, 6 Mths
Reading, Swimming, Baking, Shopping, Cooking
Female 14 Yrs, 9 Mths
Reading, Cinema, Swimming, Basketball, Shopping, Computer Games, Surfing

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職業: Accountant

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職業: Accountant


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