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Cork, Ireland

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We live in a lovely 6 bed detached home in Killeagh co cork. We live in the town and have lovely neighbours and a fabulous community . We have a cinema room /bar in the garden with darts board .we love spending time together days out to the zoo, beach and sporting events . We enjoy travelling and learning new cultures . We hosted full time students this year from Spain and through ally enjoyed the experience . Living with us full time , being part of the family . Joining family events and days out. Attending sports match’s the kids are playing . Family movie nights . Sea swimming, games nights .


Female 3 Yrs, 0 Mths
Reading, Art
Female 9 Yrs, 3 Mths
Soccer, Gymnastics, Gym, Hurling, Gaelic Football
Male 4 Yrs, 4 Mths
Lego, Art
Male 14 Yrs, 10 Mths
Soccer, Cycling, Swimming, Hurling, Gaelic Football
Female 10 Yrs, 5 Mths
Reading, Lego, Camogie, Gymnastics, Gym, Gaelic Football

親/保護者 1

職業: Social care worker

親/保護者 2

職業: Pharmaceutical operator


  • 同じ国籍の他の子供はいません
  • ホストファミリーや地元のキャンプでのアクティビティ
  • 旅行保険
  • 二重審査済みのホストファミリー
  • 24時間365日Famworldサポート
  • オプショナルな空港送迎


ベッドルーム 6
バスルーム 3
David - Parent
July 2023

Sending a 13 year old kid for his first trip abroad alone requires a certain amount of reassurance on various points regarding the organizer and the host families. Thanks to Hebe Adventures' coordination we were able to raise the probabilities for our son to spend a great time in Cork and he came back very happy.

Mar and Fernando -Parents
July 2023

An unforgettable adventure in Ireland They took care of him as their own son and offered him a lot of family activities to learn not only the language but also the customs, traditions, and the Irish way of life in an authentic way. It was a very enriching experience for him, giving him the opportunity to fully immerse himself in the local culture.



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