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We have a 4 bed-roomed house in a quiet cul de sac in Knocknacarra. Out the back of our garden is McGraths Field which has both GAA and goals for soccer, Iarlaith my 14-year-old often plays his GAA matches there. It is literally beyond our back garden! There is also a tennis court and a playground in McGraths Field. We have a dog called Alfie who is very lively and loves to play ball. Iarlaith has a bunk bed in his room and often has friends over to stay during holiday times. I, Mom work from home and have an office in the house which is used for watching films by Iarlaith on his chrome book in the evening and is used for playing board games etc. It's a big enough space with a large dining room table. There is a shared bathroom with shower and bath. We have a small lounge area en route to the kitchen with a comfortable couch to sit on (when Alfie is not using it LOL) which was the old kitchen before we built an extension in 2008. It's a welcoming house where the boys friends are always welcome to hang out.There are 4 of us Mom and Dad, Conal, and Iarlaith. Mom is a coach and therapist, Dad runs a smoked salmon factory in Connemara. Conal is in first year in College in Galway studying Global Commerce. Iarlaith is in his second year of Secondary School. He is a quiet enough going lad and plays a lot of sports with his Club both soccer and hurling. He enjoys meeting up with friends. Alfie is a rescue dog and loves playing ball and having his belly rubbed. He adores children.A child would need to not be afraid of dogs, he is medium sized and gets involved with the people in a room he is in, as in he sits beside them and demands attention!!! Over the years both boys have been in our local sea scouts, Mom was a Beaver Leader with 24th Knocknacarra Sea Scouts for 7 years. She is now PRO of Salthill Knocknacarra GAA Club and Dad is the Irish Officier at the same Club. We both go to the boys games and both of us are huge hurling fans. We live close by Salthill (20 minute walk).Iarlaith and I are the most active walkers at this stage and a regular walk would be through Barna Woods and down to Silverstrand. Conal will be working with his father in Germany at a trade fair in July which he has done before and enjoys meeting people, as he wants to go into business in College (fingers crossed).

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