Die Familie Milligan

Louth, Ireland

Immersion Aktivitäten

Clubs- Football skills and club training. Singing. Gymnastics. Language camp available in Dundalk during summer. Carlingford adventure centre offers outdoor activities such as abseiling. As a family we would do Cooking, hiking (woods and mountains), life skills, going to beach and sea swimming.

Trusted Host Family

Doubly vetted

Über uns

Family of 8 living near Dundalk about 40 minutes from Dublin airport. We are very close and spend a lot of time together. Our eldest child is at boarding school during the week. Jacob, Savannah and Noah go to Football, Gymnastics, Scouts and Music clubs during the week. At the weekend we normally do a family activity such as going to a local forest for a walk or going to feed the seals in the sea near our home.We have successfully hosted more than 15 female students for school and summer camp stays at various times over the last 3 years. We have maintained close relationships with a number of the students we have hosted. Full immersion depends on student. Whilst all students would come on family trips to places such as water park, national park forest trails etc., as well as take part in normal daily family activities such as card and/board games our children also attend Music, Football and gymnastics activities every week that the student could join. There are also GAA, Coding, Dancing, Horse Riding classes etc. available within our area that the student can be taken to attend independently but would need paying for. Students would be expected to be part of the family including normal chores that the rest of the family do around the house, and doing normal day to day activities such as shopping that the family do. We have successfully hosted over 10 students for varying periods of time.

Kinder der Gastfamilie

Female 15 Yrs, 5 Mths
Reading, Cooking
Male 13 Yrs, 0 Mths
Art, Computer Games
Male 11 Yrs, 6 Mths
Gaelic Football, Computer Games
Female 11 Yrs, 6 Mths
Reading, Gaelic Football, Gym, Gymnastics
Female 3 Yrs, 9 Mths
Male 0 Yrs, 10 Mths

Elternteil/Erziehungsberechtigter 1

Beruf: Children's Social Care Manager

Elternteil/Erziehungsberechtigter 2

Beruf: Housewife

Was ist inbegriffen

  • Keine anderen Kinder derselben Nationalität
  • Aktivitäten mit der Gastfamilie oder in örtlichen Lagern
  • Reiseversicherung
  • Doppelt geprüfte Gastgeberfamilien
  • 24/7 Famworld Support
  • Optionale Flughafentransfers


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